Festival 2020

Artist: Donsuki

Film Conversations

In these times of “ngilngig” uncertainties, we in Pasalidahay have come up with these film conversations, as we contemplate regional cinema in the time of the pandemic.

Be part of this year’s Ngilngig Film Conversations:

  • DEC 18 – The Heart of a Volunteer
  • DEC 19 – Documentary Filmmaking: A Journey and a Lifestyle
  • DEC 20 – Versatility of Managing Productions in & Out of the Set
  • DEC 21 – A Trial by Fire, Found Objects & Community Driven Design
  • DEC 22 – Filmmaking in a Time of Uncertainty
  • DEC 23 – Fostering Healthy & Safe Spaces in the Film Community
  • DEC 27 – Film Criticism and Mindanao Cinema
  • DEC 28 – Telling Stories Through Sound and Music

OPENING: Redux Bonfire Stories

MINDANAO SHORTS from the previous Ngilngig Film Camps open this year’s Ngilngig Asian Fantastic Film Festival special edition.

Bonfire Stories take you to ngilngig journeys through waking life, death, and the afterlife.


PHILIPPINE SHORTS section is a collection of Ngilngig short films from Filipino filmmakers over the years. The program is an intersection of various influences from folklore to found footage, from mystical landscapes to the dark recesses of cyberspace. This section has progressed from being a non-Mindanao section to fully embracing a more holistic panorama of the Filipino “ngilngig” experience. In keeping with innovative explorations of the Bisaya term “ngilngig”, the festival acknowledges the diverse cinematic expressions of horror and the grotesque – from traditional fears of the supernatural to the postmodern paranoias of our troubled times.

Ngilngig Asian

The Ngilngig ASIAN SHORTS section is a collection of short films from Asian filmmakers who have been part of this new expansion and re-branding of the festival into what it is now. With the inclusion of Asian films in the Ngilngig film program, we discover that there are more affinities than “ghostly demarcations” – from the usual genre staples to excursions in the realm of the surreal and the fantastic.

Ngilngig Animation


WTF: Weird Tanang Films

While Ngilngig has started as horror genre festival in 2015, over the years we realized the various articulations of the Bisaya word have expanded in fascinating and fantastic ways with the growing submissions from all over the Philippines and Asia. These experimental, genre-bending works that have been part of the past editions of the festival have shown us that the expression of horror cannot anymore be just trapped in the usual tropes and conventions of the genre but has leaped out of the box and have shown and surprised us with new ways of storytelling and image-making. Indeed, WTF.

Filmmakers’ Talkback

Galawang Ngilngig


Closing: Ngilngig Super Shorts

NGILNGIG SUPER SHORTSt 2020 is a compendium of 1 minute films from PH filmmakers who were programmed from the previous festival editions.

GALAWANG NGILNGIG Ngilngig 2020 Closing Screening and Virtual Party featuring “Quatro Kantos” by Dhyana Mitta with Willie Apa, Albarracin Dan Lester, and Deewdeew

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