Ngilngig Animation

Animated Shorts

directed by Aurthur Mercader

6m / Davao / 2016

Anito is the story of a young boy named Aeren who stumbles into the mythological world full of fantastical and vicious creatures. He finds himself lost. as he struggles to find his way home.

Maling Akala
dir Elvin Jay Macanlalay
5m / Caloocan / 2017

A look back on a legendary Philippine mythical creature and a mischievous child, let’s witness their journey through the woods after a calamity hit their village, Unamuno. How did their paths crossed as ron ron’s Innocence and honesty rises up among their biggest mis-conception.

Merlion’s Rojak
directed by Sarah Cheok
2m / Singapore / 2018

Merlion sells rojak at a local hawker center. All his life confused by his mixed identity of fish and lion, he seeks to find an answer within himself.

directed by Sarah Cheok
2m / Singapore / 2018

Felicity has begun to realise her unhappiness with her mundane life in a modern Singapore. Pressured by various aspects of her life, she secretly longs for freedom, in the form of a tiger. Based on a short story by JY.Yang, ‘Tiger Baby’

Portrait of a Lady
dir Kenny Leoncito
6m / Canada/Phiilippinee / 2019

The son of a famous painter explores the world of his father’s paintings searching for traces of his late mother’s ghost.

“Portrait of a Lady” is a tribute to the artistic contributions made by 19th century Filipino artist and social activist, Juan Luna, and a romantic horror based on the urban legends that surround the cursed painting: Portrait of a Lady.

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