Special Screenings

Special screenings are selected acclaimed short films from notable directors in the Philippines. Each short film is paired as an opening short to a feature film that could set a tone for the audience.

Babylon (2017)
Director: Keith Deligero
Cebu City / Sci-Fi / 20 min
Synopsis: Two young girls travel through time to assassinate a barangay dictator to revise history. This is Babylon.

JodilerksJodilerks Dela Cruz, Employee of the Month (2017)
Director: Carlo Francisco Manata
Manila / Mystery / 13 min
Synopsis: It’s Jodilerks’ final shift at a petrol station about to close down. So it should be an uneventful night.

PBAIIPaano Bihisan Ang Isang Ina? (2018)
Manila: Tim Rone Villanueva
Philippines / Drama / 13 min
Synopsis: Klaudia, a “live show” performer in a whore-house, was rented by Javier, a 12-year old millionaire, to be his mother for a week. Hesitant at first, Klaudia learns to adapt Javier in her world but everything suddenly change when Javier awakes the ghost of Klaudia’s dark past. Could Javier save Klaudia from the monster of her world? Could their mock-up relationship prove that love can set anyone free?

MetHemoMeta-Hegemoniya, Meta-Industriya (2018)
Directors: Ronaldo & Ronnel Vivo
Manila / Graphic Violence and Nudity / 12 min
Synopsis: Just another day in the life of a young man whose ass is used by a cruel syndicate and cult as a dildo mold. Until he accidentally discovers how to make the most out of his abused hole.

Consequences of ManConsequences of Man(2017)
Director: Jeffrie Po
Cagayan de Oro City / Experimental Documentary / 14 min
Synopsis: Inspired by faith and doctrine. “The Consquences of Man” highlights the emphasis on humanity’s choice rooted in the innate gift of free will. Integrating unique styles to express its message. The short film underscores the reality of people’s actions that ripple and affect the lives and livelihood of others.