Special Screening

Davao Ngilngig Festival 2018 brings you the internationally-acclaimed 2013 film from one of the country’s pioneering independent filmmakers Raya Martin–HOW TO DISAPPEAR COMPLETELY, a bizarre take on the coming-of-age tale that turns the horror genre upside down. 

44123899_1940379222715884_1334431512640094208_oThe film has been exhibited/competed in Locarno, Rotterdam, Buenos Aires and various cities in the US, including the MoMA in New York, which calls the film a deft combination “of horror and experimentalism to critique Philippine society and uncover its subconscious.” Martin calls it a “homage to American independent horror” and the film has been praised as being both a visual and aural feast.

A talk on creative producing follows after the screening, with director Martin and producer Armi Cacanindin in attendance.

How to Disappear Completely
Director: Raya Martin

Manila / Horror-mystery / 79 min
Synopsis: A young girl from the countryside dreams of disappearing. She plays a lonely game of hide-and-seek while her mother quotes the Bible and her father relishes in alcohol and history. She decides to put on a stage play based on an old Filipino film about a family who disappears in the mountains during the war. But soon after the performance, she vanishes from the car, prompting her parents to look for her in the woods. One by one, they all start to disappear.