Tales from Davao

Tales from Davao are the 2017 carefully selected ngilngig films submitted by filmmakers from Davao City.

01 Ugma Puhon
Ugma Puhon (2017)
Director: Glorypearl Dy
Davao / Horror / 15 min
Synopsis: Ryan, a conspicuously awkward person, visits an apartment graveyard situated near a community of informal settlers. These graveyards are where families rent out until they can finance a permanent space for their departed.  When Ryan meets a local, Steph, he tries to bind a special friendship. But where Ryan finds comfort, permanence becomes as transient as souls of the living and the dead.

02 Meow
Director: Breech Asher Harani
Davao / Horror / 12 min
Synopsis: A young woman alone in her house unintentionally summons a demonic entity that mimics the sound of cats.

03 Bwesita
Director: Louis Usaraga & Melchor Cabangbang
Davao / Horror / 7 min
Synopsis: Jake learns what came after his crime. The crippled girl he wronged, will never leave him in peace.

04 Bahin
Director: Jomar Ebus
Davao / Horror / 13min
Synopsis: Ang kuwentong ito ay tungkol sa isang lalakeng psychopath na nakuhang ihain ang lamang loob ng kanyang matalik na kaibigan para sa kanyang mga inimbitang bisita – kasali na rito ang babaeng pinagtatalunan nila.

05 Disiplina
Director: Rod Marc Abrina
Davao / Horror / 4min
Synopsis: What goes around comes around – even your trash when it haunts you at night.

06 Taguan
Director: Earle Galindo
Davao / Horror / 15 min
Synopsis: In the midst of boredom, a group of friends decided to play hide and seek in a secluded forest to only find themselves played by the forest itself.

07 Tambag
Tambag (2017)
Director: Alecs Mari Ballarta
Davao / Horror / 6 min
Synopsis: Leslie seeks advice from her friend in order to ease her from her personal problems.

08 Dalingsil
Director: Jamillah Rosslynne Natividad
Davao / Horror / 13min | Jam
Synopsis: Jepoy is a young boy who likes to play with his friends. One day, while his mom was not around, he played with his friends. They had so much fun until a mythical creature led Jepoy astray. Will Jepoy finds his way home or will he remain under the spell…

09 Takbo
Director: Rikki Torres
Davao / Horror / 9 min
Synopsis: Isang pamilya ang lumipat sa isang lugar upang sandaling takasan ang problema ng ama ng tahanan. Ngunit hindi nila alam na ang kanilang pinasukan ay lungga pala ng mga aswang.