OPENING: Redux Bonfire Stories


directed by Joy Dalman
16m / Davao / 2019

In a post-apocalyptic world, a strange plant, when ingested, brings back haunting hallucinations of a silenced brutal history

directed by Maki Cabrera
11m / Davao / 2017

A couple tries to salvage what’s left of their relationship by going on a walk in a forest.

Ang Pag-abot
directed by Pio Sto. Domingo
4m / Davao / 2017

A girl takes a stroll through the woods when she is pursued by an unidentified entity. Later, she discovers that the entity is a visitor she has been expecting all along.

directed by Angelo Dabbay
11m / Cagayan / 2019

A young girl tries to escape another unwanted encounter with her priest uncle when she goes with her mother to church for confession.

directed by Earl Autida
7m / Davao / 2015

A psychological horror tale about a mother.

directed by Pia Duran
12m / Davao / 2018

In a far flung barangay, a mother locks her disoriented daughter in a makeshift room away from their community. She desperately offers to a mythical creature living in the elements of the Earth responsible for her daughter’s condition.

directed by Monica Gonzales
7m / Davao / 2017

Mia is an internet celebrity followed by a lot of people. Unfortunately, there came an instance when she unintentionally made a move that triggered a horrible experience.

directed by Shievar Olegario
8m / Davao / 2019

An elusive graphic designer, who steals and retouches photos for his website, finds himself in another dimension after updating his website’s content. The film explores how a digital artist uses an online platform to detach oneself from the harshness of reality.

directed by Chris Herald Duco
7m / Davao / 2015

As a company artist logs out of work after an overtime, he spies an otherworldly parade outside of his company building. He falls into joining it.

directed by Niño Nicole Villareal
7m / Davao / 2018

Five friends decide to go and swim to a secret falls where it was said to be mysterious or “taw-an”.

directed by JD Malabar
10m / Davao / 2017

Balong, a teenager is ordered by his sisters to look out for their dead brother. Muted memories, issues , and long held grudges are unveiled.

directed by Neo Bryce
25m / Davao / 2019

Makai’s brother is dead. He’s at a funeral home but he doesn’t want to be there. When he goes out to take a break from all the noise, he meets Eden whose mother is also dead. The two share cigarettes and coffee as they talk about death and how it sucks.

directed by Ram Botero
25m / Davao / 2019

In Pamalugu (In Limbo), a trans woman meets two unlikely companions — a poet and an activist — under a tree. Having realized they are dead and removed from the vexing cycle of existential conundrum, the woman convinced her companions to see what’s in store for them in the afterlife. The three contemplate on the lives they’ve left behind as they embark on a journey to an indigenous reimagination of hell.

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