What is the meaning of the word ngilngig?

Ngilngig is a common Bisaya expression for something that is “kuyaw” (fantastic) or for something that elicits horror or alluding to the macabre.

From what used to be a horror-genre festival, Ngilngig Festival has expanded its scope to become the first fantastic film festival of its kind in Southeast Asia, extending the reach to other neighboring countries’ “ngilngig” films that are significant with our ways of telling fantastic stories to promote and preserve our myths, traditions, history and culture into cinematic form.

When will the festival take place?

The 8th edition of Ngilngig Asian Fantastic Film Festival will begin on October 27 and ends on 30, 2022.

Where will the festival take place?

Film screenings and activities will take place in Davao Cinematheque Centre, selected schools, and alternative spaces in Davao City. Virtual screenings will be on the official Ngilngig website through an online screening platforms.

Who are the programmers of the Ngilngig Asian Fantastic F Festival?

Ngilngig Asian Fantastic Film Festival is organized and programmed by Pasalidahay, a Davao-based collective of filmmakers, film enthusiasts, curators and programmers, that fosters audience development for developing cinema from the Philippine regions.

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