WTF: Weird Tanang Films

Experimental SHORTS

directed by Chino de Vera
5m / Philippines / 2019

A visual recording of a military bombing in barangay (brgy.) And a bit in the city of Maguindanao, Mindanao Island. This is based on a real account which resulted in the displacement of about 300 families in the area. A barangay is native term for a village or the smallest political unit of administration.

directed by Alyssa Ashley C. Manugas

13m / Cebu / 2017

What if doomsday is one of us? Will she continue what she is destined to do or give us another chance? How will she decide? Do our actions on treating Mother Earth affect her decision? This is a story of a cast away, how most of the people treat her, and how the current events in our world intertwine with her experiences.

directed by Jen J. Balberona
2m / Antipolo/Rizal / 2016

Sigbin is a dog-like creature in Philippine folklore, said to come out at night to suck blood from the victims using its shadow. It is said to be a pet of an Aswang (Ghoul).

Sins Senses Saints
directed by Hiyas Baldemor Bagabaldo
4m / Philippines / 2016

This work is an experimental film about the pressure of conforming to society. Hypocristy is celebrated and there’s no room for moving and no space for breathing. Human senses may be the roots of all sins, but these senses are also the foundation of life.

The Darkness
directed by Lim Heng

3m / Cambodia / 2019

An experimental short about darkness, meant to offer a positive message for people living in tough situations.

directed by Daniel Clark Cabantan
11m / Philippines / 2018

A man browses a series of rooms, hunting for a woman with the perfect skin. Tonight, he meets his match.

directed by Mervine Aquino & Alejo Barbaza
18m / Philippines / 2019

During an epidemic where people experience a delay of sight from sound, a retiring hitman’s last mission is to eliminate the biggest supplier of spid—a drug that cures this city’s rampant disease.

directed by Hanny Hsieh
10m / Taiwan / 2019

The original materials for this movie include 135 film and super 8mm films. By decomposing the gelatin emulsion, these incredible images appear. I create textures sometimes with purpose and sometimes without one. Turns out, some looks like burning and some becomes virus intrusion.When the emulsion strips, looking at them, I suddenly realize my imagination on images. And they immediately disappear. Therefore it’s a farewell to “the imagination of images”. To mourn the disappearance and to see the substance of image.

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