KFC by Lê Bình Giang


KFC by Le Binh Giang

Synopsis: A necrophilic doctor, a man wearing headphones and a bunch of cannibals: they’re just a few of the characters in this bizarre debut by director Lê Bình Giang, which explores the cyclical effect of violence. And, a word of warning — this Vietnamese body horror flick has a late-night slot for a very good reason. Pure evil exists and it lives in Hanoi, in a small house that has been partly converted into an operating-theatre-cum-torture-chamber. Here, patients are hacked up into bite-size pieces, then posthumously raped by a cannibalistic doctor and his taciturn sidekick.  Of course, this amoral violence inevitably passes down to the next generation, setting a cycle of cruelty in motion. Deeming this out-of-control orgy of revenge ‘bizarre’ is an understatement, with cryptic dialogue and plastic, almost detached depictions of deliberate torment only adding to the unsettling effect. Certainly not for the faint-hearted, KFC is art-house gore so out on its own that it’s almost impossible to describe. If Fellini had made a cannibal horror flick, it might have looked something like this.

Production: Vblock Media Joint Stock Company
Filmmaker: Le Binh Giang
Cast: Nguyen Tony, Ta Quang Chien, Tram Primrose, Hoang Ba Son
Origin: Vietnam
Release Year: 2017
Length: 69 mins

Warning: This video may contain shocking images.


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