Asian Shorts

2019 Asian Shorts Section

🇯🇵 About My Mother by Yumi Otsuka, Japan (pictured)
🇨🇳 Arch-Rival by Liu Qiang, China
🇮🇩 Blue Sides on the Blue Sky by Rachmat Mustamin, Indonesia
🇰🇭 The Darkness by Lim Heng, Cambodia
🇲🇾 Hawa by Tan Ce Ding, Malaysia
🇧🇳 Hamster Wheel by Azeez Danial, Brunei
🇸🇬 Kingdom by Tan Wei Keong, Singapore
🇮🇩 Life of Death by Jason Kiantoro & Bryan Arfyandi, Indonesia
🇹🇭 Qinglang de Tiankong by Thamsatid Charoenrittichai, Thailand
🇯🇵 🇰🇷 Return by Kim Hwigeun, Korea/Japan
🇮🇩 Llop Mougn by Oktivani Anggia Rachmalitta, Indonesia
🇹🇭 A Room With a Coconut View by Tulapop Saenjaroen, Thailand
🇨🇳 Summer Behind the Door by He Qiuyao & Hu Yinghai, China
🇹🇼 Trapped Ghost by Hanny Hsieh, Taiwan
🇲🇾 It’s Easier to Raise Cattle by Amanda Nell Eu, Malaysia
🇧🇳 The Vanishing Children by Abdul Zainidi, Brunei
🇮🇳 Eye Test by Sudha Padmaja Franci, India
🇯🇵 Overtime by Jamie Kassler, Japan