About My Mother

Film Still

Directed by Yumi Otsuka
17.5 min | Drama | Japan | 2016

This is the offbeat story of a woman named Yumiko, a serious, yet apprehensive and honest single mother of a son and daughter, both in their twenties. After observing the mother meticulously sew up a hole in her son’s sock, the daughter urges her to “live a little.”

Director’s Statement

BOGIE means proper deportment for a mother, paragon of motherhood.
“Good wife and wise mother”, it is certainly true that Japanese a society in which such a role was the most desirable of the few opinions open to them even as late as the 1980’s ,and it is also true that more than a few Japanese women have embraced the role with pride. Now, though gender equality is far from being norm in Japan the country ranking ranked 110th among 149 nations in the World Economic Forum’s Gender Gap Index in 2018.

In Japan, society and traditional barriers are difficult to overcome. Some women are struggling to break them. I just wanted to break bad Japanese tradition in my film.