Midnight Madness


by Yasuhiko Shimizu

Horror/Dark Comedy/Fantasy | 87 mn | Japan | 2019

This year Ngilngig brings you another Asian feature film with the exclusive Philippine premiere of the 2019 Japanese film VISE (Japanese title: MANRIKI) by director Yasuhiko Shimizu. A darkly comic, crazy film about our unnatural obsessions on beauty – a fitting title for our Midnight Madness feature!

Orig. title: MANRIKI

With modeling jobs are not forthcoming, a would-be model who works days at a supermarket cash register grows obsessed with the idea of face shrinking to meet conventional notions of beauty. This leads her to the MANRIKI Beauty Clinic where a dubious beautician is driven by an unnatural standard of beauty. After being outed online for disturbing illegal practices, the beautician goes on the run. But not before others fall victim to the beautician’s obsessions and set of morals at odds with the rest of society.

Screening schedule: Oct. 26 (Saturday) | 9:00-11:00 pm, Cinematheque Davao

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