Films in Competition

Si Lola Marit kag si Toto Tisoy  (2016)
Director: Poli Gonzalez
Silay / Documentary / 20 min
Synopsis: A documentary team is sent to a remote area somewhere in Silay City to film a local folk healer.

Drimsikol  (2018)
Director: Tyl Abellande
Cebu / Mystery / 10 min
Synopsis: Jennieh, troubled by a recurring nightmare, visits a dream shop to alter her dreams.

3021  (2018)
Director: Edmund Telmo
Ozamiz / Sci-Fi / 13 min
Synopsis: Holokaustus has killed all but one untouchable, who is left alone in a hardly habitable planet after the post-truth wars. Attempting to teleport himself to other planets, he encounters a fugitive scientist who happens to be the one who preserved him.

Wala’y Humayan sa Tanglad  (2018)
Director: Neil Angelo Briones
Cebu / Mockumentary / 20 min
Synopsis: A documentary film crew follow Aster Salvacion, the owner of a rice farm like no other-one that yields unusually fragrant rice in the fastest of harvest times. An old sacred rice grain that’s already extinct from the highest peak mountains of Mount Tanglad.

Buros si Lucia Joaquin, nga Anak ni Maria Labo  (2018)
Director: Nef Luczon
Cagayan de Oro / Horror / 10 min
Synopsis: A man hooks up with a woman some years ago. When they meet again, he hopes that it can grow more than just being a one-night stand.

Way Tulganay
Wa’y Tulganay  (2018)
Director: Tracy Nicolette Tang
Cebu / Horror / 6 min
Synopsis: A girl finds herself in a hellish limbo between sleep and reality.

Puppy Love
Puppy Love  (2017)
Director: Margarita Mina
Marikina / Biography Fantasy / 18 min
Synopsis: A young girl’s dog escapes and leaves her with an open wound in her vagina. Devastated by her pet’s disappearance and her own body’s condition, she digs deep into her own flowery crevices to understand–clawing and howling.

Ka-gwapa Bah
Ka-gwapa Bah  (2018)
Director: Cristian Paul Naparota and Chloe Capatoy
Cebu / Horror / 6 min
Synopsis: A girl desperately wanting to be beautiful comes across a make-over session that will forever change her life.

Matamata  (2018)
Director: Felix Serrano
Davao / Horror / 7 min
Synopsis: A gamer becomes addicted to a suggested game from his best friend. But getting hooked means turning into somebody else.

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