WTF: Weird Tanang Films

Pixel ParanoiaPixel Paranoia (2017)
Director: Epoy Deyto
Quezon City & Marilao, Bulacan / Mystery / 20.9 min
Synopsis: Kiko, constantly being hired by Lily to upload videos on Deep Web for a pay-per-view website, was given a task to upload a mysterious video which origins they do not know of, but would be a sure hit once it is up. Ever since he viewed the video, he’s been receiving ghost calls and constantly feels like someone is watching him.

TRSORCThe Recycled Spirits of Roel Cabato (2016)
Director: Noah del Rosario
Baguio City / Documentary / 8.20 min
Synopsis: Meet Roel Cabato: an Ilocano-Ifugao artist and environmentalist from Baguio City who spends his time creating artworks from whatever he can find in his home/art space called Hanan’chi (Aninito Art Space and Cafe). His works represent his spiritual connection with Ifugao culture as well as his advocacy for environmentalism and recycling.

Plastic MirrorPlastic Mirror (2018)
Director: Daniel Clark Cabantan
Cagayan de Oro City / Mystery / 10.46 min
Synopsis: A man browses a series of rooms, hunting for a woman with the perfect skin. Tonight, he meets his match.

WellspringWellspring (2016)
Director: Muhajir
Indonesia / Mystery / 7.16 min
Synopsis: “WHERE THE WATER IN THE WELL IS?” The phenomenon of loss that excruciatingly so have made the people in my hometown suffered mental disability, made them trapped in hallucination about their wonderful past they couldn’t feel anymore.

PropesiyaPropesiya (2017)
Director: Alyssa Ashley C. Manugas
Cebu City / Mystery / 13.2 min
Synopsis: What if doomsday is one of us? Will she continue what she is destined to do or give us another chance? How will she decide? Do our actions on treating Mother Earth affect her decision? This is a story of a cast away, how most of the people treat her, and how the current events in our world intertwine with her experiences.

SigbinSigbin (2017)
Director: Jen J. Balberona
Antipolo City, Rizal / Folklore / 12 min
Synopsis: SIGBIN is a dog-like creature in Philippine folklore, said to come out at night to suck blood from the victims using its shadow. It is said to be a pet of an Aswang (Ghoul).

HagawhawHagawhaw (2018)
Director: Nikko Martinez
Davao City / Mystery / 12:46 min
Synopsis: Boy meets girl. What happens next?

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