Welcome to Ngilngig

Tabi-tabi, this is your 8th edition of Ngilngig Asian Fantastic Film Festival.

Organized by Pasalidahay, Inc., a film collective that fosters audiences in the Philippine regions, Ngilngig Festival will begin on October 27 and end on October 30, 2022, a four-day event packed with film screenings, fora, and other ngilngig events that will take place in Davao City, Philippines.

Watch this year’s free screenings of horror and fantastic tales made by filmmakers coming from different regions in the Philippines and Asia.


By submitting your work to Ngilngig Asian Fantastic Film Festival, you authorize the screening, use and the storage of your film and other promotional materials included. Your film and other promotional materials will be kept safely, they will not be given to third parties and they will be used exclusively for the intended purposes, which are the promotion of the film and the Ngilngig Asian Fantastic Film Festival.

We guarantee you that you own or otherwise control all of the rights to the film and other promotional materials you submit to us and that you are entitled to transfer the rights to us as specified in this agreement.

At any time you can ask which data of yours are in our archive, you can ask to remove them, to modify them, or to make them anonymous.


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