Spooky Scare Na: Mga Pakurat

Lola  (2018)
Director: Tom Nava
Quezon City / Horror / 7.37 min
Synopsis: A group of youngsters visit their friend Anton to give him a surprise birthday party but he leaves the house in response to an urgent call from his girlfriend. Midnight arrives and Anton’s friends are in a frightening surprise of their own.

Inakay  (2017)
Director: Nickle John P. Lim
Davao / Horror / 23.12 min
Synopsis: A young mother is bent on protecting her son at a cost she is more than willing to pay as an entire city struggles to contain an epidemic.

Bisita  (2017)
Director: Mcdonald P. Garcia
Valencia Bukidnon / Horror / 12.43 min
Synopsis: A boy who commanded by his brother to feed the dog in abandoned house of their grandmother and grandfather, while he’s cleaning he feels like something is strange He feels like his grandmother’s soul is still in the house.thats why he decided to pay a visit to his grandmothers tomb.

Talang  (2018)
Director: Yen Morales
Koronadal South Cotabato / Horror / 20.57 min
Synopsis: While trying to go to a camp Anika and her two best friends gets lost in the middle of the forest. Trying to find them, Anika encounters a strange old man.

Duaw  (2018)
Director: Michael Makiling
Davao / Horror / 9.56 min
Synopsis: Elise comes home late at night. But as soon as she enters the house, she becomes engulfed in frightful episodes that retrn for the worse as she discovers the truth.