Midnight Madness

What’s Ngilngig without that sense of anarchic spirit? Here’s a burst of madness and mayhem from two of the most maverick of Filipino independent filmmakers Sherad Anthony Sanchez and Khavn de la Cruz.

Davao Ngilngig Festival 2018 brings you its MIDNIGHT MADNESS showcase:


AlipatoAlipato: The Very Brief Life of an Ember (2016)
Director: Khavn de la Cruz
Manila / Crime-drama / 88 min
Synopsis: A bunch of 10-year-old kids rob pedestrians and kill without a mercy. But after a failed bank robbery, the dangerous game comes to an end with twenty years of imprisonment. After two decades, they are released but soon begin to disappear one by one.



Jungle Love
Jungle Love
Directed by Sherad Anthony Sanchez
Manila / Drama / 85 min
Synopsis: A jungle in an undisclosed Philippine location hosts a middle-age woman who runs off with a baby, two juveniles lost in sexual games, military cadets leisurely wandering about and a guide with an obscure presence. All consumed with the game of their own lives until the jungle comes to play.

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