Philippine Feature


by Pam Miras

Mystery | 87 mn | Manila | 2018

Ngilngig is excited to present the Mindanao premiere of Pam Miras’ Medusae, with its new cut currently having its world premiere at the ongoing QCinema International Film Festival. A “psychologically complex” tale of motherhood and mythology and the merging of the real and the surreal.

*In 2017, Medusae was screened as a “work in progress” at the Qcinema Film Festival of which it was a finalist for the festival’s Pylon Award. This 2019, the film in its finished form will hold its world premiere at this year’s QCinema.

A documentarist’s son goes missing when she films a story on the disappearances of the first borns in a remote island. Her search reveals the presence of a cult and an abductor who looks like her, whom her son claims to be his real mother.

Screening schedule: Oct. 28, 2019, 3:30pm, Cinematheque Davao

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