NFC Fellows

This year’s Ngilngig Film Camp and Film Lab is a convergence of fellows coming from different regions in Mindanao. Both the Film Camp and Film Lab are under the Ngilngig Filmmakers Development Program, geared towards developing the critical and creative practices of emerging filmmakers from Mindanao.

Neo Bryce

Panabo City

Neo Bryce is an amateur filmmaker and screenwriter. He discovered his passion for filmmaking in high school, when he was accidentally assigned to be a leader for a filmmaking school project in a Literature subject. Starting out as a name for his project group, he founded his production company, Big Twist Films. Since then, he has been writing scripts and making short films.

Ricardo, IV R. Bunghanoy

Velencia City Bukidnon

Ricardo, IV R. Bunghanoy is a dancer, choreographer, stage director, digital and media arts management consultant, arts teacher( LET passer), researcher, and social anthropologist from Central mindanao University

Ram Botero

Nabunturan, Compostela Valley

Ram is a self-taught visual artist and feminist from Compostela Valley Province. She studied in the University of the Philippines in Mindanao under the Communication Arts (Media Arts) program where she was first educated in aesthetics, writing for TV, and video production. She has conducted and participated in community art projects that endeavor empowerment and intersectional social justice. Ram previously worked for an environmental NGO, BAN Toxics!, as a community organizer in Mt. Diwata, Compostela Valley and T’boli, South Cotabato. Both are the biggest mining areas in the Philippines. She is apprenticing and assisting artists both local and foreign for The Unifiedfield Nomadic AIR Program in The Philippines and Rm. 74 in Davao City. Currently, she is immersing in filmmaking behind and in front of the camera. She has also participated and facilitated various film fora.

Kiana Kimberly Flores

Davao City

Kiana is a film enthusiast and writer living in Davao City.

Gian Vincent Durotan Gregorio

Valencia City

A Student Filmmaker, Production Manager of Hawkings Production.

Angelo Miguel G. Dabbay

Cagayan de Oro City

Angelo Miguel G. Dabbay, born, raised and based in Cagayan de Oro City, is a graduate of Bachelor of Science in Development Communication, Major in Educational Communication batch 2016, graduated at Xavier University-Ateneo de Cagayan. He is a freelance videographer, photographer, and layout/graphic artist, currently working at DPWH regional office X.

James A. Villegas

Davao City

James A. Villegas is a 4th year AB Multimedia Arts Student from University of Mindanao. A film enthusiast and a photographer. His short film Midnight Epiphany has won Best Student Film in the 16th Mindanao Film Festival 2018. He’s also a delegate at the Cinema Rehiyon 11.

Shievar A. Olegario

Davao City

Shievar A. Olegario is a multimedia artist based in Davao City. He usually combines graphic design, photo manipulation and video editing in his art practice. He explores the concepts of inner conflict and identity in his personal works. It’s a way for him to reflect on how he can confront fear and develop the determination to move forward.

John Marco M. Pitlo

Davao City

John Marco M. Pitlo is a filmmaker and college instructor based in Davao City. He believes films should be seen by many, not treasured by some.

Norriel Joyce Dalman

Iligan City

Norriell Joyce Dalman has a background of being the writer and portrayer of various performance poetry pieces, and few screenplay projects. “Joy” Dalman then first ventured in filmmaking and film directing on 2018 with the short film entitled “Anggulo,” which won several awards including Best Short Film and the esteemed Sulyap Kultura Award at Cinemagis 11.

Nichole Jan Gabuya

Philippine Women’s College of Davao

Nichole is currently a third-year, graduating, Visual Communication student at Philippine Women’s College of Davao. Growing up, she has always been passionate about arts and books, that’s why she pushed herself into arts. She tried photography and graphic designing, but she never truly mastered cinematography. She only knows the concepts and metaphors, themes and motifs, of a film, but she never really knew what it’s like being in a proper behind-the-scenes work. Being at this year’s film camp, working and learning from professionals, she hope to increase and enhance her knowledge on making a film; from pre- production, production, and post-production.

Frances Lorenz T. Munar

Philippine Women’s College of Davao

Lorenz is a second-year student majoring in Visual Communications. He works primarily in black and white photography because he believes this kind of concept portrays more drama than the colored ones and also, he does not worry in editing his photos. But he worked with some of her seniors to do short films as part of their thesis in which he believes that he is pretty much not good at but he really tries his best and really thinks that being in a film industry requires more knowledge and skills to produce a fantastic film so he decided to join this film camp. Ending this note would be to enhance his skills and to know more about this film camp.

Hanz Leigh C. Tañedo

Philippine Women’s College of Davao

Hanz Leigh is a Media Arts Senior High School Student of PWC. He is an editor and a voice actor freelancer, he can manipulate videos and pictures and audio engineer sounds. He had attended acting workshops and write stories and poems part times. He does traditional drawings and sketches as a hobby as long side with photography.

Jam Molao

Philippine Women’s College of Davao

Jam is a Media Arts Senior High School Student of PWC and a freelance photographer and cinematographer who loves to do creative and artistic shot. He joined several film festivals way back at junior high school days.

Marvin Traya

Philippine Women’s College of Davao

Marvin Traya is a Media Arts Senior High School Student of PWC and a freelance photographer.

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