Directors’ showcase


by Arden Rod Condez

Comedy / Fantasy

When they have no one to pass their “mutya” forward so they can finally die, aging “aswangs” in Antique are believed to seek for the mystical river in a far-flung place called Payaw where they can just turn into ashes and disappear forever. This is the story of a 78 year old aswang and the young man who helped her find the river. 

26 MIN | ANTIQUE | 2021

Days of the New
by Keith Deligero

Crime Noir

Two cops, an artist, a series of murders and some weird shit. Welcome to the new world after the pandemic.

19 MIN | CEBU | 2021

by James Robin Mayo


One night, you overslept because of too much work, now, you must wake up before your nightmare becomes a reality.

12 MIN | QUEZON CITY | 2021

Excuse Me Miss, Miss, Miss
by Sonny Calvento

Social Satire / Comedy

“Excuse Me, Miss, Miss, Miss” is a social satire about the plight of contractual workers in the Philippines.

16 MIN | MANILA | 2019

Lonely Girls
by Pam Miras

Silent / Horror

A woman with falling hair, anxious about her online work, a child unable to leave her room in a power outage, and a yoga buff with body issues, all encounter an unseen terror while alone in their urban middle-class homes during the nationwide quarantine.

8 MIN | QUEZON CITY | 2019

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