Cure All

Dark Comedy | 14mn | New Zealand | 2019

Jay, in his 20s, has always had a condition that makes him extremely sensitive to his surroundings, and any of his senses can cause tremendous pain. Due to this condition, he has not lived a normal life outside his family or house. His mother, Melissa, and his younger sister, Zoe, are deeply damaged and exhausted from having to look after him and bear his fragility. This long term depressive family atmosphere is dragging the family members away from each other. However, because of a lack of connection to the outside world, Jay is whole heartedly optimistic about his life. He believes everyone loves him and cares about him. Jay’s life flips upside down when one day a man dressed like a snake oil salesman comes to his house and offers him a bottle of magic liquid that the salesman claims can cure any disease, including Jay’s pain. After drinking the liquid Jay not only loses his pain but also loses all types of feelings and emotions. No longer needing to physically care for him, his family’s resentment becomes obvious, but Jay is not able to feel any sadness from this anymore. Jay makes many attempts to experience things he couldn’t have done before, such as listening to music, outdoor activities, eating different foods, having a relationship etc. He tries so hard to feel something, but reality fails him again and again. Jay’s endlessly repeating loop of daily life is more “painful” than the physical pain that Jay had before. After what feels like any eternity to Jay, he attempts to commit suicide, but is unable to even die anymore.

Catch this International Short at Ngilngig Fantastic Film Festival on Oct. 25-29, 2019 at the Cinematheque Davao.