Ngilngig CoPro has been a communal and collaborative platform between aspiring and established filmmakers who have been part of the organizing team of the Ngilngig festivals and those who have been supportive to our movement. The Ngilngig CoPro provides support through non-monetary including consultation, research, theory and technical support committed to the artist’s vision to film their own definition of “ngilngig”.

Ngilngig Co-Prod


  1. Ngilngig Stories (2010 to 2015) by Bagane Fiola
  2. The Dark Night (2015) by Ferdinand Mesias
  3. Ugma Puhon (2017) by Glorypearl Dy
  4. Ay Sus (2018) by Angeli Salvatore
  5. (a)wake (2018-19) by Maki Cabrera
  6. We Do Not Exist Here (2019) by Anna Miguel Cervantez