Bonfire Stories: Films from the Camp

MoñekaMoñeka (2018)
Directors: Jodi Gonzales and Kianna Mendoza, with Angela Jimeno, Alfie Matidios, Jullia Pastoriza, and Patricia Rivas
Davao / Psychological Horror / 9.54 min
Synopsis: A love story that withered before it could fully bloom. Simon viewed his relationship with Monika as something ideal but his idyllic world with Monika shattered when Bryan came into the picture.

Ngaon TaNgaon Ta (2018)
Director: Wraith Alvarez with Sheena Embutin and Tiffany Joyce
Davao / Mystery Horror / 5.56 min
Synopsis: A guy gets enchanted by a particular girl’s beauty.

Pukawa KoPukawa Ko (2018)
Director: Pia Duran with Adee Deles, Reil Obinque and Aga Gabato
Davao / Psychological Horror / 11.38 min
Synopsis: In a far0flung barangay, a mother locks her disoriented daughter in a makeshift room away from their community. She desperatley offers to a mythical creture living in the elemetns of the Earth responsible for her daughter’s condition.

GuhitGuhit (2018)
Director: Joshua Van Ellie Dumayac
Davao / Mystery / 12.29 min
Synopsis: Ira gets a new classmate in the form of Sam, a mysterious boy with an enigmatic past. But things start to unravel as Ira begins to notice something in Sam’s drawings that would explain why it looks strangely familiar.

KuyogKuyog (2018)
Directors: Niño Nicole Villareal, Rafael Brence Nacario, Joshua Dumayac, and Michael Salcedo
Davao / Mystery Horror / 7 min
Synopsis: five friends decides to go and swim to a scret falls where it was said to be mysterious or “taw-an”.

Ada MariaAda Maria (2018)
Director: JD Malabar
Davao / Mystery / 7.33 min
Synopsis: A deminarian searches for Ada amidst trance and delusion.

Ay SusAy Sus (2018)
Director: Angeli Salvatore
Davao / Mystery / 20.9 min
Synopsis: A teenager tormented by a demon who temps him to commit sins on a black Saturday where Jesus is said to be dead.

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