Blue Riding Hood

Crime, Animation | 16mn | Italy | 2018

The Wolf, a sneaky inhabitant of the “concrete forest” of a noir city, is chased by the Hunter, a representative of the law who is after him after the murder of Red riding hood’s father. Eaten inside by the regret of the fatal mistake, the Wolf tries for years to relieve the pain with some pills named “blue dreams”, which successfully got rid of a previous fatal mistake haunting the Wolf’s mind: that of his own failure to look after his own three childs, who were lost forever in the forest’s stream. A close encounter with Grimm, his drug dealer, will reveal to the Wolf the chance to meet the grown-up Red riding hood, whom he will use as a cover to escape the hunter’s menace. Both the Wolf and the grown up Girl are unaware of each other’s common past, a fatal mistake from the girl’s side, whom like the original Charles Perrault version of the fable, will encounter a not so happy ending for her blindness to the real dangers of life.

Catch this International Short at Ngilngig Fantastic Film Festival on Oct. 25-29, 2019 at the Cinematheque Davao.