Midnight Madness

Bamboo Dogs

by Khavn De La Cruz

Crime/Thriller | 83 mn | 2018

It ain’t Ngilngig if it ain’t WAZAK! Last year, the festival brought Khavn’s Balangiga Howling Wilderness (Opening Film) and Alipato: The Very Brief Life of an Ember (Midnight Madness feature) for the first time in Davao.

This year, brace yourself for another wild ride as Ngilngig 2019 brings Khavn’s latest film BAMBOO DOGS, based on the Kuratong Baleleng Rubout of 1995.

It’s 1995 and Manila silently rots to the core. Thanks to a well-structured syndicate, criminals are free to roam the streets a day or two after being caught. Such would have been the fate of four “repeat offenders” until unseen hands throw in blows to blur the equation. If the gods play dice with the universe, you wouldn’t want to be caught on the gambling table. Join Corporal, Skychurch, Meleubren, and Wereballs as the Bamboo Dogs take one helluva ride along the streets of Mondomanila where invisible forces create, protect and alas, destroy.

Cast: Rez Cortez, Sue Prado, Dido dela Paz, Ron Capinding, William Buenavente, Jess Mendoza

Screening schedule: Oct. 27, 2019 (Sunday), 9:00pm, Cinematheque Centre Davao

Producer and writer Achinette Villamor in attendance

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